The Athlete

Weight Lifting and Weight Lifting Commandments


One of the key parts of any athlete’s physical fitness routine is weightlifting. Weightlifting serves to increase muscle mass which can not only help an athlete’s performance but can help to burn fat at a faster rate. By eliminating body fat, athletes can streamline their bodies and increase their performance level as body fat serves no real purpose in most athletic events.


Safety while weightlifting should be the number one priority for any athlete. Many injuries can be caused by improper weightlifting techniques as well as actual accidents in the gym. It is advised that no athlete weight train without the watchful eye of a spotter. A spotter can help an athlete in a variety of ways. First, they can ensure that should an accident occur while lifting, damage can be minimized as the spotter will be in close proximity and can assist the training athlete quickly. Second, the spotter can serve as a motivator by giving verbal support and urging the athlete to push himself or herself beyond their comfort zone. Lastly, a spotter can help an athlete maintain proper form, which is critical to avoiding injury.

Proper Attire

Every weightlifter should own a good pair of weightlifting gloves which will assist the athlete in maintaining a good grip on any weights that are lifted and hopefully help to avoid dropping a piece of equipment which could lead to personal injury. A weight belt is another must-have for any athlete working out in the weight room. A weight belt helps support the back and waist of a lifter and can help in the prevention or injury. Athletes should also avoid loose fitting clothing which could become entangled in a piece of equipment during training.

Sport Specific

Athletes who use weight training for part of their fitness routine should talk to a physical fitness expert and determine what might be the best workout program for their specific athletic activity. Athletes that are involved in athletic endeavors that require great flexibility should stay away from lifting heavy weights and should focus on using lighter weights combined with more repetitions. Those that are not concerned about flexibility should use less repetitions coupled with more weight in order to increase strength levels.

1. Use whole body lifts.

2. Constantly strive for progress in a measurable form.

3. The best anabolic is water.

4. Did you eat breakfast? If not, don't ask me anything about nutrition.

5. Don't expect me to believe what you can't prove.

6. Your efforts will be the final determinant of your success...or otherwise!

7. Keep it simple. If you don't understand it, you can't implement it.

8. You have to put the bar over your head.

9. Put the bar on the floor and pick it up a bunch of different ways.

10. Know the roots of your sport. Respect those who walked this path before you.

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