Getting the Best From Exercise for Disabled People

As someone confined to a wheelchair, you should keep your body moving as much as you can. Hence, a regular exercise for disabled people should be a priority no matter what disability you may have. By doing a regular fitness program, you can increase your flexibility, strength and mobility. Regular exercise also aids in weight loss and improves your cardiovascular capacity.

A note to remember:

Always start a workout session with around 10 minutes of warm up and end it with a cool down regimen that takes about the same time. Stretching a little can be enough for someone in a wheelchair but take care not to hurt yourself.

If you are going to do weights, start slowly and work your way up to heavier weights gradually. Likewise, start with exercises that are simple and then move on to routines that are more complicated.

It is also important that you include a loss weight diet with your exercise program. Remaining seated everyday will do a lot to increase your weight, which may not be reduced by exercise alone.

There are two kinds of exercises that are appropriate for disabled people.

Resistance Training Exercise for Disabled People

With this kind of training, you will be making use of resistance bands, which are actually large rubber bands, which can be stretched. They can be wrapped around a firm object such as the wheelchair arm or the door and pulled towards you and away from you to give your muscles the workout they need. Depending on your disability, resistance bands can also be used for shoulder rotation, pull downs as well as arm and leg extensions.

Strength Training Exercise for Disabled People

With strength training dumbbells or free weights are used. If you do not have the equipment, you can find other objects that are heavy enough around the house such as cans of foods. Find those that can fit nicely in your hands.

Whatever thing you choose, take the time to have it weighed first. You will want something that weighs from one to a couple of pounds at first, gradually working up to heavier ones. Three sets with 12 repetitions each will suffice, with enough rest periods between each set.

If you do not have enough motivation to create a daily routine, you can use the time when you are watching TV to do your exercises. Watching your favorite TV programs as you sweat out can make the activity more enjoyable.

Benefits of Strength Training for Disabled People

With strength training, disabled people can better perform regular tasks such as transferring to and from the wheelchair, pushing it and carrying and holding things. It is widely observed that people who are confined to wheelchairs do not have enough? push?. By doing an exercise for disabled people for just a few minutes every day, the right muscles are strengthened and you will find it easier to perform many tasks that you find difficult previously regardless of the disability.

Regular exercise is also important in maintaining emotional health. Just like other people, disabled person feel angry, frustrated, confused and depressed. However, because of their situation, these feelings may be more intense with disabled persons. With a regular workout, they will have a great antidote to depression.


Staying focused and having a positive attitude has been pointed out to be essential by people who are disabled themselves. Each exercise for disabled people must be planned out carefully to save time and allow decision making in advance. It is also recommended to undertake activities, which are enjoyable to you personally.

If you have not been active physically for some time, it is recommended that you have a transitional exercise for disabled people, which will strengthen important muscle groups and increase the range of your movements. Have a rest day between sessions and do not concentrate on the same group of muscles for two succeeding sessions.

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