The Athlete

Sport Nutrition Supplements

Sport’s is a historic past time. There is Hockey, Baseball, football, and soccer. With each season and sport there is a athlete that trains and pushes their body to the limits. They train for hours on end. The idea is to be the best. To win the game. Just do it…as Nike would say. Forget the cost of being in a certain sport, forget the hours that it takes out of ones life to be an athlete, what is it doing to your body? Are you eating properly? Are getting enough sleep? Sometime the athlete gets so wrapped up in the game, they forget to take care of the most important equipment- their body.

It is feared that in day that our children sit on the couch and play video games more hours of a given week then they sleep, are their bodies in good enough health to join a sports team that will take a lot out of their growing bodies? The question is …. No one knows. More kids are on different pills for this modern day illnesses that it is a uncertain, just how strong their young bodies are. Before your child joins a sports team, which ever sport they choose it is strongly suggested you consult your doctor. Some medications have side effects that can be life threatening, when combined with over exertion.

Your doctor will run tests and could possibly suggest a sport nutrition supplement. This can be in form of a pill, or a liquid drink that is filled with added vitamins to help the body. When an athlete plays a game, or runs the body looses much needed vitamins through sweat. The heart works over time, and the bones take a work out like you would not believe. The sports nutrition supplements are to protect and give back what the body looses while working out.

Health care stores carry a wide variety of sports supplements, but it is recommended you consult your doctor before taking one.