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Drug Abuse

Types of Drugs and It's Side Effects


There is a variety of drugs in the world with blatant evidence of drugs being sold on the streets and on the black market. Of course there are also prescribed drugs that are beneficial to our health and is used solely to help our health problems. Nevertheless, these prescribed or even on the shelf drugs can be abused and be dangerous to our health. See for more drug abuse stories

Do you know the risk you take when taking these drugs you buy on the streets?? All the damage it can cause to your body??


Drinking large amounts of alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and spirits can lead to every day drinking and put you in financial problems. What may seem as a little bit of light fun to loosen you up could end up becoming an every day habit that you may not be able to control. The dangers of consuming alcohol are enormous from kidney and liver damage, cancerous tumors and damage to your brain and eyesight. Consuming alcohol whilst pregnant can be very harmful to the unborn baby causing premature birth and birth defects. In the long run, it can delay the development of the child throughout its growth as well as cause bad behavior, falling back in school, and various health problems. There is a high risk of fetal alcohol syndrome in the offspring of alcoholic women. Smoking cigarettes doesn't help and can cause lung cancer and be harmful to unborn babies.

The effects of alcoholism, both physical and psychological, are devastating with the consequences being harmful to not only the drinker, but those around him or her. From your first drink, the effects are immediately apparent as one's judgment and coordination becomes impaired.

It becomes abused when it takes control of one's physical and mental health and negatively impacts on family, social and work responsibilities.

Here are five physical alcohol effects:

  1. Reduced inhibitions

  2. Memory loss/passing out

  3. Losing control of muscles and body coordination

  4. Coma

  5. Stupor

Short term effects include hangovers, fatigue, headaches, nausea and the effects of continued alcohol abuse include malnutrition, brain damage, liver damage, heart muscle damage, high blood pressure, nerve damage, pancreatitis, increased cancer risks, esophagus bleeding, erectile dysfunction in men, insomnia and depression.

Medication bought in super markets

Taking medication such as painkillers & sleeping pills can make drastic changes to your system, which means that your body can become use to it. If dependency occurs, eventually over time, your body tends to depend on these medications to function normally at all times. When medication (painkillers etc....) are withdrawn, this causes weakness to your body which make you increase the normal dosage.


Cannabis which is also known on the streets, bars dope, pot, draw, grass and weed. When you smoke it it makes you talk alot, cheers you up, relaxes you and you can find things much more colourful and beautiful. Many users can also find themselves on the eating buzz.

Cannabis causes bloodshot eyes, toubles your heartbeat and makes your mouth and throat very dry. It can also cause panic attacks and make you very paranoid but the symptoms usually disappear after a few hours.

Heavy cananbis user's can cause brain damage, short term memory, and may cause lung cancer, in some women it can cause irregular periods or even heavy periods, and agressive behaviour.


Ecstacy which is also known as tab, ecty, happy face, disco burgers, doves etc..... Ecstacy is a tablet that is hand made using very dangerous chemicals. Ecstacy has become a very popular drug aken by hundreds of people around the world. It is mainly taken for the party moods, where you can dance the whole night away.

Ecstacy usually takes effect 20 to 30 minutes after you have taken it, it is taken by the mouth and wears off about 3 to 4 hours after it has been consumed. The taker can feel and see things much nicer then it was and also your hearing sounds are better which put you in a dancing mood particularly when the music has a strong rythm. Ecstacy puts you in a relaxing mood, sleepiness, sexual behaviour and in easy temperment.

Afterwards, it can cause exhaustion and depression after ecstacy has been consumed and worn out of the body system. The side effects are sweating constantly, chills, blurry vision, increase of the heart rate, it can also cause internal bleeding, damage the liver and kidney and cause heavy period for girls.


Cocaine which is also known as coke, or snow. Cocaine is a white crystaline powder mix with talcum powder or fine sugar, it can be sniffed through a straw or a rolled paper or it can also be smoked or injected into the body. Sniffing cocaine can damage the nasal membrane.

Cocaine is know as a medicine used by many doctors around the world as a pain killer.

Everyone is vulnerable to all types of addiction, whether you’re a regular guy, a famous person, or a professional athlete.

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