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Drug Abuse

There are many types of different drugs that can be taken. There are drugs that are recreational and illegal, but there are also drugs that are prescribed by the doctor's that can be harmful to you such as painkillers (analgesics), tranquillisers, sleeping pills and many more. Even medications that can be bought in a supermarket shelf such as cough mixtures and herbal remedies can also be abused and have harmful consequences. Large consumption of alcohol can also be a major area of concern.

The risk that can happen with taking drugs:

- Your personal safety (accident, death, injuries by over dose)

- Damages that can be done to your health (mental disorders, failiure of the liver, brain damage)

- Legal risks ( speeding fines, imprisonment, criminal records, possibility of losing your driving licence)

- Your behaviour (you could harm and lose family members and friends. You may even pose harm to your self)

Using and depending on drugs can lead to big financial problems. Unfortunately, this can lead to criminal activity such as stealing and lying. The measures some people are willing to take to support their drug habit is devastating. By the end, you may end up with no family, friends, a home or a job and only have the drugs.Taking drugs and alcohol when pregnant can also be harmful your unborn baby, causing mental disorder, blindness, retardness. Fortunately , professional care and help is available and teher are a number of solutions for recovery from drug abuse. The US Government's drug abuse website has a article on practical solutions here while the Detox To Rehab website has a good resource on the options of drug abuse treatment here.

Drug addiction and substance abuse is not only a problem for everyday people but also a problem for some of the most popular athletes in the world. Drugs don't discriminate and you never know when a loved one may fall victim to addiction. We must understand that as a society we should not turn our backs to people regardless if they are athletes or celebrities.


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