4 Ways Weight Loss Can Be Achieved by the Disabled

Some people who are disabled might think that because they are confined to a wheelchair, weight loss and staying healthy is already impossible, because of their inability to be active. But really, it is not. You may not be able to walk or run any more as able-bodied persons can do but there are still a lot of activities that are suited for wheelchair users, which are effective in getting rid of unwanted pounds. You can also maintain a loss weight diet that has been specially created for the disabled in combination with our exercise routines.

In striving to have enough regular exercise, those that have a disability can do a number of things. These include the following:


Physiotherapy is given by healthcare professionals and has its foundation in science. Physical approaches are used in the maintenance, promotion and restoration of the psychological, physical as well as the social well-being of a person. At all times the disability or health status of the person is considered.

You can work with a physiotherapist to have a program that is suited to your particular handicap and health goal. A local clinic or hospital can be contacted to see if they have a medical professional that can design a weight loss regimen for you.


For disabled people confined to wheelchairs, water holds plenty of benefits. Many disabled people find they have more freedom in the water as compared to dry land. Swimming is one of the activities that can be done by disabled people while in the pool. Not only is the activity fun, it is also very relaxing.

Video Games

This may sound new to you but there are video games that can give plenty of exercise for the disabled such as the Nintendo Wii. You can choose the game to play according to your disability. You may even be able to use the balance board for the Wii fit while remaining seated in your wheelchair. You will not be able to play all of the games but you will surely get more exercise than the recommended 30 minutes every day, which is essential for weight loss.


Going for a stroll usually means walking around the neighborhood but even if you are confined to a wheelchair, you can still do the activity by going in your manual wheelchair and pushing yourself around the block. You can listen to your favorite iTunes or go with a family or friend to make it more enjoyable. Do not be discouraged if you cannot go very far. Even pushing yourself around the yard would already be helpful in getting weight loss. Start with short distances and gradually build up to longer ones as your stamina and strength increase.

Not all of these activities will be helpful and you might not be able to do some of them. However, anything that will get you moving will be beneficial for your health. It is also essential that your exercise regimen be combined with good nutrition. For this matter, you should consult a dietician. He will ensure that you are getting the appropriate nutrients for someone with your condition.

Even as you search for suitable activities for weight loss, it is important that you try to know your own body. There will be days when you may be in pain, preventing you from exercising properly. Do not push yourself on such days. Know when it is time for you to stop or have a break. On the other hand, it is essential that you know when to push yourself as well, so that you will have more strength the next time.

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