The Athlete


Taking care of your Body - Its all Youv got

Around the world, it has become evident that obesity rates are increasing. In this day and age, attitude towards food is becoming unhealthy as we continuously eat junk food and neglect to participate in sport. People no longer see food as a precious commodity and exercise appears to not even be a priority.

It is time for us to reflect and have a look at what we are doing to ourselves and to each other. We were all blessed to be born with one body and it's time to take care of it as it's all we've got. People can strip you away of your money, your house, your car and all your superficial belongings but they are things you can get back. If something happens to your mind and body, you can't get it back. This is why we are discussing several important topic matters in the following pages to encourage exercise, eating healthily and to fully comprehend what is happening with our physical self. It's time to start taking care of yourself. Featured are precise details regarding nutrition, exercises, body sculpting tips and much more!

Principles of Exercise Training

To lead a healthy life we must take proper diet and exercise. Exercise benefits everyone. It changes the way we go on with life. Exercise should be a part of our daily routine. We need not set aside time to go to the gym or to pay for it. We must try to find ways by which our body gets the exercise it needs, such as parking the car a little away from the office; using the staircase instead of the elevator; taking brief walks wherever possible. Exercise can also be through any activity such as gardening, dancing, cooking, playing basketball etc.

Exercise has many advantages as per the American Medical Association. We look better and have improved muscle and joint co-ordination, which relieves back and joint pains. In most cases, diabetes is also prevented. In addition, it neutralizes high blood pressure. The chances of a heart attack are also reduced.

Exercise causes stress reduction in the elderly. A sedentary lifestyle causes more pressure on the heart in the elderly and in people doing desk jobs. It helps in reducing the pressures on the heart. Therapies like yoga go a long way in achieving results. Even walking, using your exercise bike, jogging or weightlifting three times a week for duration of 20 minutes each, cycling, and jogging, biking and walking can produce the desired results.

Before starting an exercise plan, we must check out our current health condition. Over exercising can cause problems. People of younger age groups must follow a different routine than what elderly people would follow. You can start slowly and increase the time and intensity as the days go by.

Change is necessary to prevent boredom. You should keep different types of exercise for each day, for example, walking on Monday, cycling on Tuesday etc. AMA recommends exercising for 20 minutes at regular intervals about three times in a week.

Exercise, thus is something that should be included in one's daily itinerary.