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6-Week Body Makeover Information

What makes this revolutionary weight loss and body sculpting system so effective and unique is the fact that your 6-Week Body Makeover is completely customized to your individual metabolism, your unique body type and your specific problem areas. And since it’s customized to your exact needs, you don’t waste time doing things that won’t work for you. Right from the start you take only those steps that are right for you, so you quickly get the results you’ve always wanted. So you can look how you want to look. Feel how you want to feel. Faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, if you do this program, it’s virtually impossible to fail! Order Today!

The 6-Week Body Makeover will help you step by step:

Identify your own individual metabolism type and reprogram it for maximum fat burning.
Pick foods that work with your individual metabolism so you can eat more and lose weight faster than you ever thought possible!

Determine your exact body type and pinpoint your own unique problem areas so you can exercise less and resculpt your entire body in just 18 minutes a day. Pick exactly how you want your body to look, then make your body over to those exact specifications in as little as 6 weeks. Lose up to 30 pounds in just 6 weeks. Lose weight fast and learn to keep it off so you can live lean for the rest of your life.

What You Get With The 6-Week Body Makeover Offer

Quick Start Video

The video shows you each step necessary to complete your Blueprint and create
your custom Body Makeover Book.

Blueprinting Your Body

This simple questionnaire helps you identify your unique metabolism and body chemistry. Instructions show you how to use the anatomically engineered Body Blueprint Cards to identify problem areas so you can create a Custom Eating Plan and 18-Minute Body Sculpting plan designed specifically for your body.

Body Blueprint Cards

The cards help you determine your specific problem areas in order to design your personal 18-Minute Body Sculpting routine.

Makeover Book Binder

This binder gives you a place to keep all the information you need for the 6-week program in one easy-to-use, portable place. It is small enough to carry with you in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. It holds the Week Body Makeover program, your Customized Eating Plan, and Personal 18-Minute Body Sculpting program.

Tabbed Divider Cards

(11 with tabs, 1 without) These illustrated tabbed cards will divide the different sections of the material in your binder for easy reference.

Body Makeover Book Contents

The Quick Start Video shows you how to find the sections that are right for your metabolism and problem areas to begin building your Body Makeover Book. The contents include tips and tricks for accelerating your program.

Fast Track Menu Cards

These cards make it easy to reference the eating plan that is right for you.

Infinite Menu Planner

This innovative eating guide combined with your Fast Track Menu Card allows you to make hundreds of different meals that work with your Custom Eating Plan.

Makeover Meals Recipe Cards

These cards contain dozens of recipes and customizing tips to work with your Custom Eating Plan. Make fast and easy Custom Eating Plan meals that everyone can enjoy.

Precision Body Sculpting Video

This video displays the exercises you'll use on your 18-Minute Body Sculpting plan, and shows you how to use the body sculpting bands to work your problem areas. Scan through the tape for the specific body sculpting movements necessary to change the parts of your body that you want to improve.

Body Sculpting Band

The Body Sculpting Band is to help you sculpt your body by isolating individual parts of your body that you want to change and is an effective way to get results fast.

Michael Thurmond's Personal Audio Program

Michael Thurmond shares the secrets that helped thousands make over their bodies on these three audiocassettes. With them, you will learn how to unleash your body's fat burning potential, how to eat more, exercise less, and discover secrets that will make the program virtually impossible to fail.

6-Day Mini Makeover

This accelerated weight loss plan is for special occasions when you need to lose weight very quickly. This plan is perfect for when you have to drop a few extra pounds in a short time, but it is NOT something we recommend using on a regular basis.

6-Week Body Makeover Sculpts Your Body!

The 6-Week Body Makeover will change the way your body looks in just a few short weeks. This revolutionary system, designed over the past 15 years by Michael Thurmond, allows you to customize a body sculpting plan just for you. Using the Blueprinting method, you are able to lose fat in specific areas, add muscle tone in others and make your body beautiful as you lose weight. Michael Thurmond's system actually allows you to eat more and exercise less with your customized plan tailored just for you!

Keeping the muscles surrounding the knee joint strong and stable is extremely important. The muscle in the front, back and side of your thigh should be part of a total exercise routine.

The basic muscles that need to be strengthened are the ham-strings, quadriceps, adductors, abductors and gluts. Due to your lack of experience with strength training, starting out with weight machines may help you build confidence and lower your risks of injuries. Consult a fitness professional for the proper technique and set up on the machines for each exercise or muscle group mentioned.

  • Leg extension machine is designed to strengthen the quadriceps muscles in front of your thigh by extending the leg. The leg curl What Type of Exercise Helps Strengthen Knee Muscles
  • machine focuses on the hamstring muscles, which are in the back part of your thigh, by bending your leg at the knee joint. There are sitting, standing and lying versions of this machine. If a standing version is available and can be safely performed, I would recommend this version.
  • Adductor and abductor machines work the inner and outer thigh muscles, respectively. These machines are important for the integrity and stability of the gluts around the hip joint can directly affect the knee joint. There are different variations of these machines; ask your doctor or fitness professional at your for the safest choice for you.
  • The gluteus muscles are often overlooked when strengthening the muscles around the knee. The stability of the gluteus around the hip joint can directly affect the knee joint, making strengthening this muscle group extremely important. Speak with fitness professional at your gym, since not all fitness centers have machine to isolate just the gluts. Begin each of these exercises with light weights and complete one to three sets. You should be able to complete each set without compromising your technique or experiencing pain. There are many exercises both with and without machines that can strengthen your leg muscles. Once you feel more comfortable with strength training, consult a professional to explore additional options.