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Amlip (Norvasc)

What is Amlip?

Amlip is also known as Amlodipine Besylate or Norvasc and is prescribed for angina and high blood pressure. When arteries are clogged, the heart gets a lack of oxygen and causes episodes of severe chest pain resulting in the condition angina. This calcium channel blocker is also suitable for high blood pressure as it dilates the blood vessels, reduces the pain of angina and slows the heart to reduce blood pressure.

Amlip is effective if taken regularly. It will take several weeks for the full benefits of the medication and it must be taken even if the patient is feeling well. It is important to note that Amlip does not cure high blood pressure and only keeps it under control.


Amlip is taken once a day and may be used in conjunction with other drugs specified for high blood pressure or angina, or it may be taken alone. Even if the symptoms have disappeared, Amlip should be taken exactly as prescribed. The drop in blood pressure will become evident after 24 hours.

If a dose is missed, take it immediately unless it’s nearly time for the next dose. If this is situation, skip the dose missed and return to the regular program. Amlip should be stored away from light, in a tightly closed container at room temperature.


For those with high blood pressure, the recommended dosage for adults is 5mg taken once a day with 10mg at the most. If Amlip is being combined with other medication, the dose should be only 2.5mg once daily. Older adults should only be having 2.5mg a day as well.

For those who suffer angina, the recommended dose is 5mg to 10mg daily. Those who suffer liver disease should start with a lower 5mg dose.


The signs of an overdose is drop in blood pressure and a fast heartbeat. If this is the case, medical attention must be sought immediately.


Sid effects may occur and if there are any drastic changes in health, a doctor must be immediately notified. Side effects may include dizziness, swelling, palpitations, headache, flushing, fatigue and fluid retention. Other side effects may also be nausea, sleepiness and abdominal pain. However there are rare side effects that could occur and this may include urinating problems, vertigo, vision impairment, vomiting, weight gain, weakness, dryness, gas, hair loss, hives, hot flashes, thirst, skin discoloration, itching, joint pain, migraines, muscle weakness, inflamed pancreas, agitation, anxiety, back pain, chest pain, constipation and loss of memory.


This drug should not be given to those who have are allergic or sensitive to Amlip. Before stopping Amlip, a consultation with a doctor is required to discuss the reduction of doses. Patients must reveal their medical history, particularly those with heart conditions and liver diseases. In some rare cases, patients with severe heart diseases may experience longer and frequent angina attacks which may even lead to a heart attack.

The full effects of Amlip have not been sufficiently established and there are several precautions to be taken. There may be problems interacting food and drugs with Amlip. The safety and success in children has been not established. Amlip may have an effect on unborn babies and may appear in breast milk. The drug should only be taken during pregnancy if urgently needed.

More information on High Blood Pressure and Angina


When blood pushes too hard against blood vessels, high blood pressure occurs. It has not been fully established why this occurs, however there are several factors that do contribute. These factors include obesity, excessive salt, race, family, age, stress, lack of exercise and excessive drinking.


When a heart does not get enough blood, a pain or discomfort occurs thus resulting in angina. This symptom differs from person to person, with some people experiencing pressure whilst others experience a sharp pain. It is often felt in the chest or in the shoulder and upper part of the left arm. Nevertheless it can also be felt in the neck, jaws, back, chin, wrists and hands. Angina may occur when smoking, participating in sexual or physical activity, stress, overeating and sudden climate change.

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