Codeine is available in pain-killers, cough preparations, some diarrhoea remedies

This Product can be used for the following complaints/illnesses:

pain, cough, diarrhoea

Sports Information

This Product does not contain any banned substances according to the IOC, therefore this product can be taken in accordance with the Manufacturers guidelines.


Codeine is permitted in sport by the IOC Codeine may however affect performance (causes drowsiness, slowing of reflexes, constipation)

Additional Information

found as an ingredient in many cough pain and diarrhoea remedies. Some of these may be banned due to the presence of other ingredients such as caffeine or pseudoephedrine Will aslo often affect performance..causes DROWSINESS, and a loss of co-ordination and concentration

Active Ingredients



This list is a reference source for licensed medical products according to the latest IOC (International Olympic Committee) guidelines. Some food supplements are included, but verified information on ingredients of most supplements is very hard to obtain.

Medicines and supplements may change in appearance, content and banned status from time to time, and some organisations may have more stringent rules for their own sport. If you are in any doubt, consult with your group medical officer.

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