Benylin(non drowsy)Chesty Coughs


This Product can be used for the following complaints/illnesses:

chesty cough, phlegm

Sports Information

This Product does not contain any banned substances according to the IOC, therefore this product can be taken in accordance with the Manufacturers guidelines.


This product does not contain banned ingredients

Additional Information

Treating Coughs, Colds & Flu

Medications to ease your cough, soothe your throat and speed up your recovery are available from your pharmacy. For Coughs, the Benylin range is Ireland's number 1 brand and has been tried & tested by many customers, pharmacists and doctors over the past 40 years. Benylin offers a choice of medicines to help you cope with your cough, whether chesty or dry. You can also choose from a non-drowsy variety of each medicine to ensure you stay alert while the medication works on soothing your symptoms. Importantly for children, the sugar and colour free Benylin Children's range features tamper resistant caps.

Benylin Clear Action, a cough medicine that works by allowing your cough to more effectively clear your chest and make breathing easier.

When a cough is accompanied by thick mucus in your chest, this can be uncomfortable and make breathing difficult. That is when you need a cough medicine that does more than simply treat your cough.

# Benylin Clear Action works with your body deep in the lungs to loosen the grip of thick mucus, relieving your cough and making your breathing feel easier. It works hard to break down mucus and loosen congestion, so that you can breathe more comfortably.
# Benylin Clear Action is a non-drowsy product so it allows you to continue with your daily routine.
# Benylin Clear Action does not contain banned substances for sports people.
# Benylin Clear Action is suitable for all the family from 2 years upwards.

Always ask your pharmacists for advice. When taking medicines always read the enclosed leaflet carefully.

Active Ingredients

guaifenesin 100mg levomenthol 1.1 mg


This list is a reference source for licensed medical products according to the latest IOC (International Olympic Committee) guidelines. Some food supplements are included, but verified information on ingredients of most supplements is very hard to obtain.

Medicines and supplements may change in appearance, content and banned status from time to time, and some organisations may have more stringent rules for their own sport. If you are in any doubt, consult with your group medical officer.

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