Meldonium (Mildronate)


This Product was recently moved from WADA's monitoring list to it's Banned substance list

It is prescribed to treat ischemia and facilitates increased blood flow, especially to the heart.It has been used by athletes for a number of years. Courses for athletes are 0.5-1 gm/ are usually taken twice a day for a duration of 10-21 days .

Sports Information and Other names

This Product is a banned substance since January 1st 2016 according to the IOC, therefore this product should not be taken. Also known as: Idrinol, Cardionate, Medatern, Melfor, Midolat, Mildronat, Mildronats, Mildronats-Grindeks, Mildroxyn, Neomildronat, Midolat.


Has been extensive evidence of abuse by athletes. Manufactured in Latvia, it has become well known on the black market as a performance enhancer.

Additional Information

Meldonium is a structural analog of gamma-butyrobetaine. It improves metabolism, gives greater endurance, speeds up rehabilitation of damage to cells and elimates toxins and has a protective effect. More information here

Active Ingredients



This list is a reference source for licensed medical products according to the latest IOC (International Olympic Committee) guidelines. Some food supplements are included, but verified information on ingredients of most supplements is very hard to obtain.

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