The Athlete

Nutrition for Peak Performance

From a very young age we are given our flintstone vitamins. We grow up and then take a multi vitamin. We are taught to take care of our bodies. We why is it that the headlines of most papers this year warned of the impending future health issues of our children? Never has the obesity rate of our young been so high the warned. But most recently they release the numbers of obese adults in our country. They should us the pictures of large people with bellies bigger then Santa’s and bottoms that should require back up signals. Beep beep. However…this not something we should laugh at all.

Several years back the rate of eating disorders among the youth in our country toped the charts. Year the death rate, do to anerexia and bulimia was growing. Our country is in need of a wake up call. When we eat poorly we feel poorly. We need nutrition for peak performance in our lives. Perhaps we all need to take a 101 class of nutrition. They say that life is meant to be enjoyed, so why is it then that our children eat more greasy fast food then any other food? Why do adults grow in size as they grow in years? Rehabilitation centers have been a great way of helping people understand these situations and risks, If you know of a friend or family member that needs help, do not be afraid to help them get better. Call help lines or check the net on how to find the best bulimia rehab centers near you.

There is a fine line between both issues. One taken to far either way can have health dangerous issues attached to it. The new year is coming, and perhaps one promise to yourself and your loved ones is learn how proper nutrition can lead to the peak performance in every ones life. Sure you may encounter a struggle changing your families eating habits, and you might yourself struggle to put down that krispy kreme box, and get up off the couch…but in the months to follow you will enjoy life more and your performance level will raise. It is not about what you look like, it is all about how you feel.