The Athlete

Weight Training for Fitness- A Way of Life

The term weight training is self-explanatory-you lift different types of weights to build up your muscular strength and stamina. You can undergo weight training in your home or at the local gym. Your muscles need a lot of energy to build up. This energy increases the rate of metabolism and you will thus burn away your extra calories.

You can do your weight training using free weights or weight machines. You can exercise your entire body with the help of free weights as these induce your muscles to lift and at the same time counter react to stabilize them. Though this involves some hard work on your side, it is worth a try. The weight machines are very huge and bulky and are generally present in gyms. Here you only have to work out one group of muscles as the machines have their own inbuilt stabilizing techniques, which balance your lifting.

You have to do the weight training exercises in a continuous succession of ten times. If you find this difficult, then you can choose a lighter weight. However, if you are able to do in proper succession, you may proceed to the next level of weight. This is as per your personal interest and ability. Before starting out on your training, it is very essential for you to warm up your body with the help of simple exercises and stretching.

You will do well by adhering to certain basic rules of weight training. Always start with the lighter weights and then proceed to heavier ones. Make sure that you give the necessary rest periods between weight lifting and gap days between such sessions. You can assign different days for different parts of your body to ensure a balanced workout.

There are innumerable benefits of weight training. It reduces the brittleness of your bones, tones up your muscles and increases their strength, reduces the occurrence of many gastrointestinal diseases and boosts your overall health and looks.