The Athlete

Taking Charge of Your Health with Yoga

Yoga is a branch of science, which has its origin in India. It involves various postures and exercises, which help in maintaining your body fitness and discipline of the mind. The three main pillars of Yoga are Exercise, Meditation and Breathing. These will help you to maintain a perfect balance between your mind and the body.

Yoga stresses that breathing is the life-giving source to your body. You need to have a control over your breathing to correlate the functioning of the physical and mental aspects of your body. This will pave the path for a calm and quiet mind, which will relieve you of stress. Once you are able to practice this regularly, you will support an intelligent mind in a strong body.

Yoga does not require you to have any special equipment or clothing. Instead, these simple exercises vitalize your inner systems, the muscles, the tissues, the glands, their workings, and your spinal cord along with your entire skeletal system. They help to eliminate the negative energies from your body and increase the flow of positive energy throughout. You tend to become more positive in your approach to life with higher concentration levels.

Yoga is attracting many more people today- both to maintain a perfect physical body and to cure certain pertinent ailments. The different yogic postures no doubt make your body highly flexible. However, far greater than that is your ability to control your brain, which disregards any sort of preconceived ideas and notions and instead sets right the body elements to free you of your ailments.

Yoga is no mystic culture; it only stresses on the harmonic coexistence of your body, mind and spirit. When you are able to attain and maintain a perfect balance between the three of them, you can easily glide over the different obstacles in your daily existence. The immense mental and physical pressures of modern living then will not overly affect you.