The Athlete

Strength Gain and Resistance Training

Resistance training also known as ‘weight training’ has gained popularity in the recent years among all segments of people viz. young and old, men and women, both fit and not-so-fit. Resistance training is a program of exercises done naturally, with free weights or with the help of marketed products, which improves the balance, stimuli produced within the organisms, strength and power.

Thus, to attain less body mass and build muscle groups, resistance training is the best option. It utilizes a training tool called ‘compound movements’. Other gym or home-based products used are Body Bars, Ultra Toners, Tone-n-Flex, and Tone-up etc. The exercises like jogging, brisk-walking, aerobics help in checking obesity, whereas resistance-training programs give the body a sculpted and muscular look.

The different exercises framed for keeping fit do not have flexibility to make adjustments as these aims at distinct organs and parts of the body. In contrast to this, one can make adjustments from the wide range of exercises available in resistance training programs as they only aim at improving muscularity of the body.

You can perform resistance-training programs through different methods. To start with, you can hire a certified personal trainer who demonstrates the programs correctly giving you enough motivation and support. However, this calls for a hefty budget. Second economic option is to hire an online trainer, which can very well simulate the personal trainer at a lower cost. Finally, you may supplement your gym routines with watching videos on resistance training programs, which can make you feel at home and perform the exercises at your convenience.