The Athlete

Running is one of the Best Exercises

One of the simplest forms of exercise is running. It yields a whole lot of benefits. However, many shirk from the idea of running, mainly due to the exertion. It is possible to make this form of exercise very enjoyable with some variations here and there. Of course, as with any form of exercise, you need to check up with your doctor before starting.

It is not advisable to start running immediately to begin with your exercise. You have to loosen up your muscles and stretch them with the help of certain basic stretching exercises. Your muscles are then more flexible and you can easily coordinate your movements. Some of these include jumping to loosen all the muscles and joints. You can also fold and release your foot, try touching your feet with your fingers while stretching out straight, bend and touch the ground in the middle of your spread out legs, etc.

Alternatively, if you have any problems doing stretching exercises, walk briskly for five to ten minutes before your running. This will also ease out and stretch your muscles and joints. All of them help in increasing the body heat, which heightens the performances of your muscular tissue.

Just as you have to tone up your body before running, similarly, you need to cool down or bring back the muscles to their original level at the end of this form of exercise. You can try doing a few sit-ups and some shoulder exercises to loosen the stiff shoulders. It is very essential to drink a lot of water to cool and lubricate your inner organs.

You can go for your running in parks or on roads, although it is better to avoid crowded roads. In case, you prefer working out in the evenings or after dark, go along well-lit roads and not through isolated pathways. You can carry along a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing, which does not come in your way.