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Is Ephedrine a Potent Fat Burner, or a Dangerous Drug?

Ephedrine is a popular, yet a controversial drug, used in drugs, sold without prescription, such as decongestants and fat reduction drugs. Lately there has been a lot of talk about the dangers and safety of Ephedrine. Several deaths that occurred in the US recently, were due to the consumption of Ephedrine. Consumption of Ephedrine is for weight loss amongst obese people. Thus, in the US, obesity is the greatest killer. Many die of side effects from drugs sold over the counter.

As a health supplement derived naturally, there are hardly any regulations on its use. This supplement is extracted from herbs such a Sida Cord folia, Country Mallow and Ma Huang. People with high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, liver or thyroid problems or suffering from psychiatric diseases should not use this drug as it might have serious side effects.

People who are ignorant of the side effects are selling ephedrine. Therefore, people unwittingly purchase the drugs and end up spending more in neutralizing the side effects. The results may even be life threatening.

Therefore, the lack of education and regulation by the FDA is also a hindrance towards the control of this drug. If the FDA would have regulated and controlled the use of ephedrine properly, it would not have ended up with the common person.

It is important that one should do a thorough check of the medication before starting its consumption. In addition, awareness about the use of this drug should be increased through advertisements in print and electronic media or other public information systems. Drugs such as ephedrine should not be dispensed without the proper prescription from a registered medical practitioner.