The Athlete

Healthy Facts of Walking

Every morning you can see hundreds of people walking in the parks, on the streets or in the neighborhood. Have you ever wondered that why these people get up early in the morning and come down, just to walk? The answer is they come here for walking, as they all are aware of the fact that walking is the best and the most economical exercise for maintaining fitness.

Not everybody can spend time and money to do workout in state-of-the-art gyms, join yoga classes or get a personal instructor to maintain an exercise regime. Besides this there might be some other constraints like medical conditions, or inferiority complex about their fitness which prohibit them to do strenuous workout at public places or at home also. The answer to all these problems lies in one remedy – walking.

Walking is easy, simple and effective. Persons of any age can do it, senior people who are weak and fragile might not be able to do the brisk walking yet they can stroll in groups and have fun by chatting and gossiping. Doctors advise walking even for pregnant women to nullify complications of pregnancy.

Walking in the evenings is also a good habit. There is an old saying, “after lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile”. It is quite true because in the daytime after having food you are busy doing your day-to-day work while in the night you have nothing else to do except to go to sleep. Thus, the food does not digest properly. Therefore, if you go for a walk after having dinner, you get tired which makes you sleep peacefully and the food, which you had, is half digested because of the walking.

Thus walking is an essential part of our lives. If you have not started walking yet, buy a pair of good shoes and start walking from today only. You will see the change in yourself within a few days