The Athlete

Fitness Training

Fitness training is very important in any sport you choose to participate in. It is considered the foundation of what sports performance is built on. Soccer fitness training is a combination of technical, tactical and physical skill that are needed in order for them to succeed. There should be focus on endurance and speed as well in fitness training for soccer. Soccer fitness programs should include aerobic interval training also. Each fitness workout should consist of four minute work intervals at 90-95 percent of maximum heart rate. There should be tactical and technical fitness skills also that include sprint and strength training.

Fitness training is needed in basketball, baseball, bodybuilding, distance running, football, swimming and many more sports. Without fitness training you would not be able to increase your endurance and excel in your favorite sports.

Sometimes over training can mean a pitfall for a lot of athletes, most often affecting more than 60 percent of distance runners in their careers, more than half of professional soccer players and at least 33 percent of basketball players. Too much extensive fitness training can lead to decreased physical performance, general fatigue, insomnia, change in appetite, restlessness, irritability, loss of weight, anxiety, loss of motivation, depression and lack of mental concentration. Almost all of these are signs of major depression.

Never push yourself too much when your involved in a fitness training program. Too much exertion is not good for your muscles or joints and can cause serious damage to them if you are not careful. There are fitness training test that you can find online or at your local health center to help you develop the perfect fitness training program for you.

Each time you exercise try to slowly reach new goals. Fitness training is all about reaching goals each time and training your body for more and more endurance. Cycling takes a grand amount of endurance. If you were to join the Tour de France you would have to do a lot of fitness training for endurance along with a healthy diet. A healthy diet includes all the foods from the food pyramid like dairy, fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains and breads. By eating from these five food groups you will be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

You can search online for information on what types of fitness training you would need to filtrate into your fitness program for the specific type of sport you are wanting to participate in. There are many different types of fitness programs for you to search to find one that fits your daily needs.

You can also create your own fitness training program from home. If you have the exercise equipment and have the extra space in your home or garage, you will be well on your way of creating a fun and active fitness center for the entire family to enjoy. You will no longer be paying monthly fees to a gym and have the freedom to exercise when ever you feel like doing it.