The Athlete

Fitness on the Road

Sometimes you don’t have time to get to the gym to work on your daily fitness routine. Perhaps you are on a business trip and you are not a member fitness club with national outlets or the small town you are visiting does not have a fitness center at all. What is a fitness buff to do? There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you get the workout your need to maintain fitness and health while you are on the go.

  • Hotel workout rooms: Some hotels will offer their business travelers and other clients a weight room or other fitness center like accoutrements. If you have the benefit of having your company pay for your hotel stays, you may want to look into what choices you have for hotels. If your place of employment offers a choice of a selection of hotel establishments, you may want to call ahead and find out which of your choices offer the best features for your particular fitness needs.
  • Local Health Club: If you find that you are staying in a hotel that does not offer a fitness center, but you are a member of a gym in your hometown, you should check to see if your gym or fitness center has a location in the town you are doing business in (or nearby). Many fitness center chains will honor out-of-town memberships as a perk to their clients. Don’t forget low cost solutions like the YMCA and similar public fitness establishments.
  • Parks: Call ahead to the parks and recreation department of the town you will be visiting to see what kind of features are offered by the local parks near the hotel or motel you will be staying at. You may be pleasantly surprised at the fitness options that may be offered by a small local park like bike paths and running tracks that can make you time on the road that much more of a fitness adventure