The Athlete

Fitness for Women

Fitness for women is growing rapidly everyday across America and the world. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or maybe just tone up your body, free weights can help you accomplish your goals along with eating the right foods. Healthy foods are a must in any fitness routine. Free weights are one of the most common fitness routines. Start out with lightweights at first and gradually move to the heavier ones, depending on whether you just want to tone your arms or build up some muscles.

When beginning a fitness routine, women should always ask their doctor before starting any fitness program. At first start out slow. Rushing into any type of fitness could cause serious injury to your muscles, bones or joints. You could start out by jogging to build up your endurance before moving on to the more vigorous fitness plans. Swimming is also a great way of building up your endurance and at the same time you will be toning your arms and legs as well as burning off that unwanted fat.

There are many different fitness plans out there. For example, if you have high blood pressure there are endurance fitness routines that can help lower your blood pressure. Walking, jogging, swimming, stair climbing and bike riding are all fitness regimens to lower your blood pressure along with helping you to lose a few pounds along the way. Always ask your doctor before starting any of these.

Fitness training that is high intensity is the secret to losing fat. High intensity, anaerobic workouts that include workouts that get you out of breath quick and are in short burst are known to release significant amounts of a fitness hormone or growth hormone, (HGH) into your body. This fitness hormone can be increased through sprinting activities, running, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, or even power walking. Even the stair stepper will give you this same effect if you get to climbing fast and are out of breath. Be sure to do warm-ups before any fitness activity. If you don’t warm up your muscles and joints before each fitness routine, you could cause serious damage to your body.

Yoga is another great way to improve your fitness flexibility also giving you relaxation. Yoga seems to be one of the best fitness programs for women. It offers many different ways of relieving stress from a long day of work. Depression can also be healed by choosing yoga as your fitness plan. If you are under too much stress, this can lead to exhaustion or even burn out. Yoga is known to relieve asthma as well. Making yoga one of your fitness routines is a great way to improve your body and take in the healing properties it offers.

A fitness routine alone cannot give you the complete results you desire. You should also look for a diet to suit your life style. Follow the food pyramid and make your choices wisely. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and should be treated as equals.