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Fitness During Pregnancy

Fitness during your pregnancy can be a major concern for a lot of expectant mothers. You often wonder if exercise will hurt the baby or not. Exercise is perfect for expectant mothers. Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness program to make sure there is no immediate danger to you or your baby.

Swimming is one of the best fitness regimens for pregnant women. Be sure to start out slow as to not over exert yourself. Swimming uses your large muscle groups such as your arms and legs. It is also one of the low-impact fitness routines you can enjoy while getting all of the cardiovascular benefits. This is a very safe form of fitness for pregnancy because there is a very low risk of injury. Any type of aerobic fitness helps to increase your body’s ability to process and use oxygen. This is a very important factor for you and your baby. Swimming can also improve circulation, increase muscle tone, strength and endurance. By choosing swimming as your fitness routine you will burn more calories, feel less tired, sleep better and help your body cope with all the physical and emotional changes it is going through during your pregnancy.

Walking is another great fitness routine you can do throughout your pregnancy. This is another great cardiovascular workout. Walking keeps you fit and is something you can do your entire nine months of pregnancy and is one of the easiest to start if you haven’t been regularly exercising.

One of the most popular fitness workouts among pregnant women is prenatal yoga. Yoga when combined with walking can be an excellent way to maintain fitness through out your pregnancy. Stretching is a way to tone your muscles, improving your balance and circulation throughout your pregnancy. Yoga also helps you with breathing and relaxation techniques which can help you during labor and delivery. Fitness during your pregnancy can relieve any stress you may have of the upcoming months.

Maybe you’ve thought about weight training for your fitness workout. Weight training strengthens and tones your muscles, and also helps to build your stamina, which you are going to need during labor and delivery. Free weights and resistance weight machines are probably your best bet for weight fitness. With free weights you can complete your fitness plan at home in the privacy of your own home. Weight lifting fitness can be tricky if your pregnant. In the first trimester you should talk to your doctor about your fitness plan and follow his instructions. In the second and third trimesters, lifting weights while standing up may not be a good idea. Blood can pool in your legs and make you feel dizzy. You should also avoid lying down on a bench or any other position that may leave your stomach in the way of a falling weight.

Fitness exercises you should avoid during pregnancy are biking, scuba diving, horseback riding, downhill skiing, snowboarding, or water skiing. These can greatly endanger you and your baby.