The Athlete

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition are two major keys in having a healthy body. When planning a fitness routine, nutrition plays a prime role by giving you the nutrients your body needs in order to have the stamina, energy and strength to keep up with your fitness regimen. Select foods can help your body to burn fats, gain muscle and increase your metabolism, just as certain exercises can do the same.

Foods can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to eating healthy. It all depends on if you choose the food that will give you the nutrition your body requires or if you choose the junk food. When starting a fitness routine you should find out which foods will give the most energy. Take a look at the food pyramid for your nutrition needs.

Grains and breads are high in carbohydrates which give you the fuel you need to exercise. You should have anywhere from six to eleven servings of grains and bread everyday. A grainy cereal high in carbohydrates is a great start in the morning for a very active fitness routine.

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and you should have between three to five servings of vegetables and two to four fruits a day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and many are excellent sources of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. They contain high amounts of fiber and are low in fat and sodium. These are great low calorie snacks you can enjoy at anytime of the day.

For strong bones and teeth, you should eat and drink two to three servings a day of dairy products such as low fat cheese, yogurt, and skim milk. Some vegetables like broccoli also contain calcium. Your fitness routine should include at least one of each of the food groups with every meal. That will ensure that you are getting the right nutrition each and every day.

Protein is also needed in your fitness and nutrition regimen. It is the building block for strong muscles. You should include low fat protein of two to three servings per day. Examples would be skinless chicken, beans, soy products such as soy milk or soy cheese and eggs. Also milk and cheeses have protein in them. If you are vegetarian, protein is one of the most important food groups to eat from since meat is no longer factored into your meal consumptions.

Eat only when you’re hungry and not when you’re bored or tired. A weekly fitness routine will increase your energy along with eating the nutritious foods to give you the energy you need.

A good fitness and nutrition routine can improve many aspects of your lifestyle. You can increase more energy, have better mental clarity, and gain more overall health. Reading food labels can greatly improve your nutrition and the better your nutrition, the better your fitness routines will go. You will have the energy to run, swim, and do all the exercise you want to.