The Athlete

Exercise: fit for life

It is a widely known fact that exercise can improve your health and quality of life. Even moderate exercise has been shown to have positive benefits in the fight against heart disease, a major concern for women.

If you are a confirmed coach potato, start slowly and build toward an exercise regimen that imparts long-term health benefits. You will need to reach and maintain your target heart rate for 30-45 minutes to derive maximum benefits from your exercise plan. Don’t expect to reach that level immediately it will take time.

In addition to the health benefits, exercise offers the additional perk of an emotional boost. Endorphins secreted during exercise improve mood and attitude. Need a quick pick me up? Take a jog and feel your spirits soar.

As you know, it is wise to consult your physician before beginning any health care program. Choose your plan around any challenges or obstacles. For example, if you have trouble with your knees you probably will not want to jog along your neighborhood streets. At the same time, if you live in a neighborhood with heavy traffic and few, if any, sidewalks, you will not want to choose neighborhood jogging for your regimen

Choose with love. Don’t choose activities or exercise programs just because you think you should, or because they are trendy. Choose what you love and you are more likely to follow the plan.

Get the right equipment. You don’t have to run out and purchase the latest and most expensive exercise gear and/or equipment. You should invest in a good pair of running or walking shoes and comfortable socks if you plan to jog, run or walk. Other equipment you might need includes helmets, knee pads, and water bottles.

Commit yourself to at least three days each week for thirty minutes to start. In just a few weeks you will look and feel better. You may even surprise yourself by wondering why you don’t start sooner.