The Athlete

Beginner to Fitness? Get Moving

For people who are not in shape or who have not been fit for a long time, the prospect of starting a weekly – or even daily – routine of going to the gym, sweating it up for an hour, and coming home after a shower in the gym does not sound all that tantalizing. In fact, despite what experts may claim about the energizing effects of exercise, the whole process sounds quite taxing on the body and mind. It is easier than that to get started, however. Reluctant exercisers can follow these simple tips to begin to get moving.

Begin gradually by making movement part of your day. Think about small ways to begin to get moving. Walk to the television instead of using the remote. Walk to places close by instead of always driving. Use commercial breaks to take quick stretches. Most people will be surprised to find how much better they feel by adding just small movement to their lives. After mastering the small stuff, begin to add on to the routine.

Take a gentle stroll every morning. Instead of thinking “brisk walk,” it is okay to begin slowly. Take five to ten minutes to mosey around your yard or neighborhood and enjoy the sights and sounds. Begin the walks everyday and then slowly add to them until they are the brisk walks you once dreaded.

Once you add the walks to your routine, you can begin with smaller weight exercises. Consider anything around your house a potential for helping you to gain strength. Remember that the key to basic fitness is moving and exerting but not exhausting yourself with movement. When you are opening a can of veggies, use the cans as dumbbells and lift them over your head a couple of times. Carry the cases of drinks or cat food into the house instead of asking your teenager to do it for you. Look for the possibilities in everyday, and before you know it, you will be on your way to a leaner, healthier lifestyle.