The Athlete

Advantages of Quitting Smoking

Many people think that quitting smoking is next to impossible and so they do not make any effort in the direction. Although quitting smoking is difficult, you must try it for the good reasons that go with it.

Firstly, quitting smoking prevents death. In fact, in the US, the single largest cause for the death of people is smoking. Quitting it will significantly reduce the risks of cancer. Secondly, smoking is expensive. Smoking just one pack per day will cost about $2,000 per annum. You can save this money to buy something nice. Thirdly, it turns teeth yellow and makes your breath, hair and clothes stink. Smoking stops athletes from achieving best performance levels as they often fall short of breath. Nonsmokers shun smokers; so, smokers may miss friends as they avoid them. Many places do not allow smoking and sometimes smokers are in a spot because of this.

Quitting smoking is difficult. However, the reasons are simple. As nicotine is a stimulant and a depressant, smokers suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Although difficult, it is possible.

One of the best ways of quitting smoking is to get support from friends, as they are the ones who can help you achieve it. If you have no supportive friends, join a support group. Set a date and mark it on the calendar to quit smoking. Throw away all cigarettes and cigarette lighters. To remove the cigarettes' smell, wash all clothes. You must also start to control yourself at the times when you are likely to smoke and to engage in other things at that time.

If you smoke regularly, your body may experience withdrawal symptoms when you are quitting smoking. These symptoms may include headaches or stomachaches, crabbiness, jumpiness, or depression, lack of energy, dry mouth or sore throat. These symptoms will pass if you just endure them. Before you know it, you will be through.