5 Health Benefits Of Aerial Dance

There are many options out for anyone looking to lose weight, increase muscle mass or simply push their bodies to their peaks. Some people choose to spend hours in the gym, others enjoy running long distances, but a growing number are beginning to choose more unique ways of improving their physical health.

Aerial dance has been a popular class at many gyms and health clubs, but now thanks to the availability of portable aerial rigs, many people are bringing the popular sport into their homes. If you’re thinking about getting into aerial dance, consider these five important health benefits:

1. Coordination – Aerial dance focuses heavily on coordination. In many circumstances you are required to use your whole body together in order to smoothly perform moves. As you become most advanced in aerial dance you will find that your overall coordination will improve as well.

2. Strength Training – Without a double, aerial dance builds and tones your muscles. You will increase your strength and sculpt your muscles through practice and exercise – many people choose to practice at home with the aid of a portable aerial rig to increase strength faster.

3. Increased Bone Density – By providing a full-body workout, aerial dance also promote bone health. Through muscle growth, fat burning and regular exercise, your bones will grow stronger and healthier.

4. Fat Burning – Another benefit of the cardiovascular workout that aerial dance provides is its rapid fat burning. As your metabolism increases during practice or routines, your body begins burning fat at an increased pace. Fat burning is especially prominent in the arms, legs and stomach areas.

5. Stress Relieving – For most aerial dancers, the sport is also a fun way for them to relax while still pushing their bodies to stay fit. Aerial dance can be done socially, or as a private activity at home utilizing poles or a portable aerial rig. No matter where your ideal stress relieving location is, aerial dance allows participants to get the natural chemical releasing benefits of a strenuous workout while having fun in the process.

Whether you choose to take aerial dance socially, or plan to get a portable aerial rig for your home, there is no doubt the sport is an effective way to improve your health. Between the fat burning, muscle building and stress relieving property of aerial dance, it is a great activity to build self-esteem and confidence, and has benefits for both your body and your mind.