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Drug Abuse Stories

My First time.

It was my first time taking ecstacy and I did not know what to expect. I was in a night club with my friend and boyfriend. They kept encouraging me to take it quickly in case some one would see me. They had already swallowed their pills yet I was still unsure if I wanted to do this. I needed reassurance and asked them again what the effect would be. They both looked at me and said the feeling is similiar to smoking a joint. I could see the magic in their eyes and see that their bodies were ready to move to the music.

I finally swallowed it and it took awhile before it started to hit me. I looked at my friend who was completely in her own world, dancing to the music by herself. My boyfriend was standing next to me, tapping his feet lightly and appreciating the music. Then I started to get very scared and started shaking. The glass I held slipped away away from me and broke. I swear everyone was looking at me and my heart started beating faster and I thought I was going to die of shame. I started to panick and told my boyfriend my heart was going to stop.

He laughed and said "You'll be better soon baby. Come dance with me. You'll be fine. Just dance with me". He took me on the dance floor, I couldn't move, I was like a puppet. I literally had no strength to dance yet here was my boyfriend rampaging around like he had all the energy in the world. He swung me around as if I was a puppet on strings.

I told him to stop. He smiled and said "Okay baby." I stood in the middle of the dance floor and everyone swirled around me in their colourful clothes with the disco lights shining on them. In fact, it all looked quite beautiful. The music was perfect with the scenario. I smiled. Soon I was feeling lively and started dancing and dancing. I suddenly got this idea to run a hill so I told my boyfriend and my friends to drive me to the nearest hill. It was a dream come true, all of us started running up and down this hill in the mooon light and it was fabulous. Soon the effects of the pill and my gin and tonic started taking effect, that I began to throw up.

From that day on, I swore I would never be influenced to take ecstacy from my friends or boyfriend. I watch my friends take it and go crazy, but I simply just watch and make sure everyone is okay and got what they needed.

Drug Abuse Stories

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Drug Abuse Stories

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